Natural Resources, Groundworks & The Environment

NRDB is a free database and mapping application for developing and distributing environmental databases. It was designed to provide people in developing countries with a powerful yet simple tool to assist in the managing of their own resources.
The software should run on most Windows-based computers and requires only standard desktop peripherals such as a scanner and a printer.


NRDB software can assist with the following sorts of building , construction and groundworks projects:

  • Monitoring the effect of management and impacts on environmental resources.
  • Collating information on environmental management and organisations, so as to coordinate effort more effectively.
  • Storing socio-economic information spatially, so as to relate services to need.
  • Planning for small to large scale building developments, homes, parks, using naturally derived building materials for gardens and more.
  • Production of thematic maps of environmental concerns to assist in advocacy work.
  • As a tool for training in environmental management and spatial mapping.


The Raster Analyser tool enables you to rapidly calculate area intersects between two or more GIS vector files containing complex polygons

For example you can calculate the:

Total area of polygons from one layer intersecting individual polygons in a second layer. Combined area of polygons (with overlaps removed) from multiple layers intersecting polygons in a second layer.Features:
Input files can be in ESRI shapefile format or MapInfo table format.Supports multiple input or intersect layers.Input layers may be combined, intersected or processed individually.Intersect layer polygons may be grouped by attribute values

Raster processing is performed on a grid of 10m x 10m pixels by default.Intersect areas are calculated in hectares and output to a text file


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